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Group company organization Shanghai world expo   [  2010-5-19  ] Back

Jinxin group in 2010, May 14, 17, organization staff to Shanghai, group visit expo event.

International horticultural expo garden area different styles of architecture impressive venue. Different countries of different styles of architecture, spectacular expo axis, a large number of modelling of outdoor sculptures, full of beautiful things in eyes expo souvenir shops, let a person hangchow...

Library is brilliant. French hall of perpendicular afforest is very seductive, but to maintenance these green plants that need high technical content, German hall outside is irregular, rather special geometry, inside the "source of power" exhibition hall, visitors into two groups, Shouting, metal ball will be and fro, which contain the scientific basis of demand everyone finely deliberate...

Through this expo trip, let us enjoy the world on a physical plane high-end innovation achievements, while also understood its spiritual level of their respective national culture. Give us jinxin people brought an unprecedented shock!

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